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Striking Gold: The Pin-credible Odyssey of Bobby Ault

Striking Gold: The Pin-credible Odyssey of Bobby Ault

In the dynamic world of bowling, few stories captivate the spirit of determination and achievement like that of Bobby Ault. Recently, I had the privilege of chatting with Bobby, unraveling the secrets behind his extraordinary success on the lanes.

Mastering the Art of Precision

Bobby's last few perfect games (300) and stellar series (800) were no small feat. Whether it's the alleys of Greenville, Texas, or the challenging lanes at Plano Super Bowl, Bobby demonstrates an unparalleled mastery of the game.

From Novice to Notable

Remarkably, it wasn't until November 2021 that Bobby secured his first sanctioned honor score. Fast forward to December 2022, and he's racked up an impressive seven 300s and four 800s, with a house record of 837 at Greenville Shenanigans.

Bobby Ault Bowling

A Remarkable Transformation

Bobby's recent success on the lanes is a testament to relentless improvement. Ending last season with an average of 218, he's now soaring with averages of 241 and 243 in different bowling houses, showcasing a remarkable transformation in just 16 months.

Practice Makes Perfect

When asked about the secret to his success, Bobby humbly attributes it to an abundance of practice and experience. Navigating different houses and tackling various lane patterns has undoubtedly honed his skills to perfection.

Bobby Ault and Anthony Simonsen in a bowling alley

Inspirations from Legends

Bobby draws inspiration from two key figures in his life—his brother the legendary Anthony Simonsen and Donald Davis Jr., his local pro shop operator. Their influence has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping Bobby's formidable bowling prowess.

A Bowler and Mentor

Bobby's love for bowling began at the tender age of 4. By 10, he became the youngest certified coach in Texas. Today, he not only strives to be an ambassador for the sport but also coaches youth kids. His impact is profound, as some of his proteges are on the fast track to Jr Gold after only a year of bowling.

Bobby Ault and Anthony Simonsen in a bowling alley

Bobby Ault's journey is more than a series of strikes and spares; it's a testament to dedication, passion, and the pursuit of excellence. As he continues to leave his mark on the lanes, one can't help but be inspired by the story of a young bowler who turned a childhood hobby into a legacy of success.

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