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Breaking Records and Staying Grounded: Clint Million's Journey to Bowling Success

Breaking Records and Staying Grounded: Clint Million's Journey to Bowling Success

When Clint Million stepped onto the lanes at the Columbus City Tournament, he carried with him a sense of confidence that stemmed from experience rather than the pressure of a high-profile event. Little did he know, he was about to make bowling history once again rolling an incredible 879 series.

"When I get on the lanes, I feel pretty confident. I wasn't all that nervous as I had been there before, when I set the previous city record of 878."

With a calm demeanor and a steady hand, Clint approached each frame with precision. Throughout the tournament, he made minimal adjustments, moving only three boards and sticking with the same ball all day.

300 ring and 800 ring

"In total, throughout the tournament, I moved relatively little to only 3 boards, and I kept the same ball in my hand all day," Clint explained. "Everything just clicked for me that day." Clint attributes his success not only to his dedication to the sport but also to the unwavering support of his friends and family.

"I tend to attribute any success of mine to dedication to the sport. That isn't to say I don't have the best supporters behind me, though," Clint emphasized. "My friends and family always have my back."

Family is everything

Reflecting on his previous record-setting performance two decades ago, Clint noted a significant difference in his mindset and approach to the game.

"20 years ago, when I set the previous city record, I was extremely nervous. This time, however, I was relatively calm," he recalled. "Whenever I get nervous, I make an effort to control my breathing and slow down my heart rate. It helps me remain composed."

While breaking records is undoubtedly an achievement to celebrate, Clint remains focused on a different aspect of his legacy – his character and contributions to the sport beyond his personal accomplishments.

"This achievement is certainly important to me. However, it isn't what I like to focus on," Clint expressed. "I coach one of the high school teams in Columbus, and what I really want my name to be remembered for is my character."

Clint Million and the high school bowling team he coaches

After the tournament, Clint returned home to celebrate with his loved ones, cherishing the moment and the support that has propelled him to success.

"I came home to celebrate over dinner with my family," Clint shared. "My wife and kids had already set everything up, and I got to enjoy the night with them."

With a strong support system behind him, including his uncle who owns the local pro shop, Clint's journey in bowling is not just about breaking records, but also about the relationships and the values he holds dear.

"I have some of the best support I could ask for," Clint emphasized. "All of my family has grown up in bowling, and I have had major influences from their games."

While Clint may have shattered records on the lanes, his humility and dedication to his community serve as a testament to the true measure of his success.

Bowling alley

"I did have the previous city record at 878, I didn't think much about the record while I was competing. I just tried to make shots," Clint humbly remarked.

In Clint Million's journey to bowling success, breaking records is just one chapter of a story defined by dedication, humility, and unwavering support. As he continues to inspire both on and off the lanes, Clint's legacy serves as a reminder that true greatness is measured not only by personal achievements but also by the impact we have on others. With each frame rolled and each lesson taught, Clint Million embodies the spirit of the sport and leaves a lasting impression on the bowling community and beyond.

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