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Glenn Kendrick Rolls His Way to a Perfect Game at Century Lanes!

Bowling ball hitting bowling pins

Have you ever felt the rush of nerves, the shaky legs, and the undeniable excitement of nearing a perfect game in bowling? Glenn Kendrick sure has, and he recently conquered the pins at Century Lanes for the second 300 of his bowling career.

This wasn't Glenn's first rodeo with perfection. He threw his very first perfect 300 game when he was only 13 years old. Fast forward nine years to the present, where Glenn, now 22 years old, stepped onto the lanes for his Tuesday night league and found perfection for a second time.

When asked about the nerve-wracking moments leading up to the magical 10th frame, Glenn admitted, "I was pretty nervous; I couldn't really feel my legs after the first shot. But after the second strike, I calmed down and just knew I only needed one more." That's the kind of composure we all dream of having in the clutch!

300 Ring for bowling

Glenn's journey into the world of bowling started at the age of 8, and he credits a significant part of his success to none other than his dad. "My dad has impacted my skill in bowling a lot. He's definitely who I've looked up to“ Glenn shared, giving a nod to the unsung hero behind the scenes.

Help us congratulate Glenn Kendrick and cheers to the pins he's knocked down and the stories he's spun on the lanes – a bowling tale worth retelling for years to come.

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