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James Cole's Remarkable Night: Bowling His First 800 Series

James Cole's Remarkable Night: Bowling His First 800 Series

James Cole recently achieved a significant milestone in his bowling career, shooting an impressive 800 series. We caught up with James and delved into his thoughts, emotions, and the journey that led to this remarkable accomplishment.

James Cole 802 series holding bowling ball

Initial Thoughts and Emotions

James entered the night with a goal of shooting 300, fueled by the belief that his lucky Sean Rash jersey would bring him success. The night started with a bang, scoring 279 in the first game. With the ball feeling just right, he sensed the opportunity for another big game. As he reached the front 8 of the second game, the realization hit him - a chance at 800 was within grasp.

800 series ring

Prior High Series

Before this extraordinary feat, James's highest sanctioned series stood at an impressive 794.

Bowling Journey

Having been part of bowling leagues since the age of 8 or 9 and growing up in a bowling family, James has been immersed in the game since before he could walk.

Overcoming Challenges

One of the night's challenges was choosing the right ball. James navigated this decision, opting for the Storm Code Black, which had served him well throughout the season. The ball and line held up the entire night so all James had to focus on was maintaining his composure and making good shots.

James Cole bowling wearing a packers jersey

Realizing the 800 Series

The crucial moment came in the 9th frame of the last game when James faced a 4-7 split. Momentarily thinking he had lost the shot at 800, he refocused for the 10th frame. The encouragement from his father, who happened to be on the opposing team, spurred him on. James cleared his mind and focused on his bowling foundations to finish the night rolling an 802 series!

Bowling Role Models

James attributes much of his success to his father, Forrest Cole, a local and state hall of famer. With his father as a role model, James compares his achievements to the high standards set by his dad, emphasizing the importance of approaching the game with love, knowledge, and sportsmanship.

Forest Cole holding a Bowling trophy

Celebrating the Big Night

James celebrated the accomplishment surrounded by family. Despite competing against his parents that night, they shared the joyous moment, capturing memories with photos and even indulging in a post-bowling AGT (America's Got Talent) session before calling it a night.

James Cole and his son in a bowling alley

In James's words, "All in all, it was almost a dream experience. My family was all there, I completed a 30-fill set, and I shot my first 800. The only thing I missed was my initial goal of shooting a 300." With his fifth sanctioned 300 game notched just a month prior, James Cole's bowling journey is undeniably on a remarkable trajectory.

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