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The Revolutionary Rise of Jason Belmonte in Two-Handed Bowling

The world of bowling has always been dominated by players that use the conventional one-handed approach. But in recent years, a new technique has risen to prominence - Two-Handed Bowling. This technique involves using two hands to roll the ball, enabling players to have better control and generate more power with their shots. And among the many Two-Handed bowlers that have emerged, none have made a bigger impact than Australian sensation - Jason Belmonte.

The Emergence of Two-Handed Bowling

For decades, the conventional one-handed approach was the only way to bowl. The Two-Handed technique allows the bowler to generate more revs and throw it with greater speed and accuracy. Jason Belmonte has revolutionized the game with his unique approach.

The Rise of Jason Belmonte

Jason Belmonte is an Australian bowler who has taken the bowling world by storm. He began using the Two-Handed technique as a child, and his passion for this style has only grown over the years. In 2008, Belmonte made his debut at the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) World Series of Bowling, where he showcased his exceptional skills for the first time. Since then, Belmonte has won several awards, including a record-breaking 13 PBA major titles, making him one of the greatest bowlers of all time.

Belmonte's Unique Style

What sets Belmonte apart from other Two-Handed bowlers is his unique style. He uses his two hands to feed the ball into his swing while he has more support and power in his arms to create a higher speed and rotation. Belmonte is able to generate an incredible amount of revs on the ball and hit the pins in incredible angles.

The Legacy of Jason Belmonte

Jason Belmonte has changed the game of bowling forever. He has proven that the Two-Handed technique is not just for show, but a viable approach that can bring success to anyone willing to put in the effort. Belmonte's success has encouraged many young players to follow in his footsteps, further popularizing the Two-Handed technique. The legacy of Jason Belmonte will continue long after his playing days are over.

The Future of Bowling

Two-Handed Bowling has become a regular feature in the bowling world, with more players using this technique every day. With Belmonte leading the way, many are now taking an interest in watching the sport. The future of Bowling looks bright as the technique continues to evolve, and more young bowlers become involved in the sport.


Jason Belmonte's unique Two-Handed technique has revolutionized the game of bowling, making it more exciting, challenging, and engaging. His style has inspired many people to take up the sport, and it's not hard to see why. Belmonte has set the bar crazy high, and the future of the game looks bright with more young players embracing Two-Handed Bowling. Who knows who the next Jason Belmonte could be? Only time will tell.

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