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Strikes, Spares, and Celebratory Cheers: Josh Novak's Epic Bowling Triumph!

Strikes, Spares, and Celebratory Cheers: Josh Novak's Epic Bowling Triumph!

In the world of bowling there are moments that echo through the alleys. Josh Novak recently experienced one of those moments, not only by achieving his first 300 game but also by rolling an impressive 846 series for his first ever 800 series. Let's dive into the heart of the action and hear Josh's firsthand account of his unforgettable night at Whitetail Lanes.

Josh novaks 846 series

The Build-Up:

Josh sets the stage, revealing that this season has been nothing short of extraordinary for him. With a previous high game of 289 and a career best series of 759 shot earlier this year, anticipation was in the air. Little did he know, this would be his breakout season!

The Weapon of Choice:

Josh was throwing the Brunswick Defender, a ball that became Josh's trusty companion in his pursuit of bowling perfection.

Mindset Magic: In the crucial moments of the last game, chasing the elusive 800 series, Josh shares his mental approach. Keeping it simple, he focused on his mark, maintained ball strength, and kept his speed up. Learning from past experiences, he recognized the need to avoid overthinking and trusted his instincts to carry him through.

800 series bowling ring

The 9th Frame Revelation:

As the frames unfolded, Josh found himself on the cusp of history. Around the 9th frame, the realization hit him – a strike would secure the coveted 800 series. Remarkably, throughout the last game, the elusive perfect 300 didn't even cross his mind. It was a testament to his commitment to the process and staying in the zone.

300 game bowling ring

A Grateful Nod:

Behind every great bowler, there's often a team providing support. Josh acknowledges Steve C, the owner of Whitetail Lanes, and Brad, whose bowling ball wizardry contributed to Josh's success. Steve's advice echoed in Josh's ears throughout the night, proving the power of simplicity in the pursuit of excellence.

Whitetail lanes bar and grill

Missed Pins and Redemption:

Reflecting on his journey, Josh mentions a missed 10-pin in game 2 that kept him from beating Steve's record. Despite the hiccup, the celebration was in full swing as he discovered he had rolled the third-best series in Whitetail Lanes history.

Bar Tabs and Bowling Camaraderie:

In a fun twist of fate, Steve C rewards 300s and 800s with bar tabs, turning the triumph into a celebration for everyone in the league. A night that almost didn't happen, as Josh was initially seeking a substitute bowler, turned into a historic moment filled with camaraderie and shared victories.


Josh Novak's journey from seeking a substitute to bowling a legendary 846 series is a testament to perseverance, mental fortitude, and the joy of the bowling community. As pins crashed and celebrations ensued, Whitetail Lanes witnessed two firsts in Josh Novak's bowling career. Here's to many more strikes, spares, and triumphant cheers in Josh's bowling future!

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