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We Asked Ai to Name the Top 10 Female Bowlers and Why.

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We asked Ai to tell us who the top ten female bowlers of all time are and to tell us why. Below you will find the list. Let us know if you agree or disagree with this list. Who would you take off and who would you add?

  1. Liz Johnson: With numerous titles and a consistent performance, Johnson's accuracy and strategic approach make her the top-ranked female bowler.

  2. Shannon O'Keefe: A versatile player with a strong mental game, O'Keefe's recent successes and ability to adapt to different lane conditions secure her the second spot.

  3. Danielle McEwan: McEwan's well-rounded skill set, including powerful strikes and spare conversion, earns her a high ranking in the competitive field.

  4. Dasha Kovalova: Kovalova's impressive shot-making and calm demeanor under pressure contribute to her placement among the elite bowlers.

  5. Cherie Tan: Tan's international experience and exceptional shot execution propel her into the top five, showcasing her prowess on various stages.

  6. Kelly Kulick: A veteran in the sport, Kulick's longevity, and ability to perform at the highest level continue to place her among the top female bowlers.

  7. Jenny Wegner: Wegner's rising presence in the professional bowling scene, marked by her consistency and determination, secures her a spot in the top 10.

  8. Clara Guerrero: Guerrero's international achievements and adaptability to different lane patterns make her a formidable force in women's bowling.

  9. Missy Parkin: Parkin's precision and ability to handle challenging lane conditions contribute to her consistent performances, earning her a spot in the rankings.

  10. Verity Crawley: Crawley's promising talent and recent successes in various competitions land her in the top 10, showcasing her potential for future dominance in the sport.

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